Are You Buying into the Myth?


Most people, despite their best efforts to the contrary find their dreams getting lost into the mists of time. Dreams can also be whittled away by social conditioning and the grind of everyday living. Family and social expectations hold people back from aspiring to make their dreams a reality.

If such barriers or restrictions were absent how much more inspired could you be?

Do you know what factor or factors are stopping you from achieving your dreams?

There is a lot more that life can offer you than you are getting back from it now.

Everyday living and conditioning simply inhibits the sheer brilliance that can be found within you. Make sure that you are accessing anything and everything that can help you to make the most out of how brilliant you are. You may be an excellent coach, a fine example of a spiritual human being, and a brilliant light in an often-dark world, yet can you feel these things?

Do you live life to the full? Are you experiencing as much of life in all abundance as you possibly can do?

Have you fallen for the myth and the illusions that are linked to living modern life? So much in society is geared to showing that we are not effective enough to achieve things by our own efforts. Instead you are offered help that you do not need. There is simply more to life than working and family lives. It is always worth stopping for a while to wonder at the magic and myth of existence that are missed as you are too busy to notice as much as you should.

Strip away what is not needed and look at things in a different way. Get out of the habits that hold you back. Try to find God, myth, magic or whatever gives you spiritual fulfilment. Let go of the mundane to find your inspiration and boost your creativity.

Move away from your comfort zone and take risks. Life is too precious to waste it doing dull thongs. Get out there and experience living. Let passion guide you instead of thinking about safety first. Remove limits and experience more instead of missing the joys of living and wanting to achieve your dreams.

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